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Profit Share Initiative

Hey Social Influencer! Tired of burning your audience and reputation while seeing little to no return? We have found a win-win initiative for fast-growing eCommerce brands and social influencers alike. Align yourself with a brand partner and receive a profit share from all the sales you facilitate.

Harness the Power

of your Social Influence

You’ve invested time and effort building your community of loyal followers and fans. Profit from building social buzz around a brand and product that you actually believe in. Your contribution: become an ongoing brand ambassador, generate content, brand awareness and drive sales and receive a share of the profits.

Brand Continuity

No more pay-per-post!

Connect with a brand and have a consistent, repeatable and reliable message that you can share with your audience. Followers are increasingly sensitive and know when they are being sold to. Enrich your reputation with the backing of a brand. Have product and message continuity and authentically represent a product that you are passionate about with the added bonus of an ongoing profit share agreement.

Turn Your Fans Into Customers

We provide you with the tools to convert your audience - and you receive a share of all the profits generated through your branded sales page.

  • Dedicated Branded Sales Funnel

  • Profit From Your Existing Customers & Fans

  • Ongoing Profit Share Agreement

From 10k to 50 Million

We work with celebrity influencers from 10k to 50 million followers. We find that established brands seek to work with established reputable mega-influencers. We are currently looking to increase our stable of micro-influencers to support the rapid launch and scale of our fast-growing eCommerce startup brand partners.

A-List Influence

The new wave of social influence.

Influencer marketing is not a new trend, however, the norm is pay-per-post. Companies have leveraged social influencers for years, offering free products or apparel rather than any real financial agreement or recognition for helping to build their business. Until now, social influencers have to continually hunt for their next opportunity to pitch their audience. A-list influence seeks to pair brands and influencers to build a mutually profitable relationship.

It doesn't cost anything to apply.

Fill out the form and our team will verify your social accounts before we make any brand introductions.

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